Top must-try dishes when traveling in Myanmar


Come to Myanmar tourism, visitors not only immersed in the elegant and natural beauty of the landscapes, joining the unique cultural experience but also enjoy the culinary elite of the Golden Temple country. Let’ explore the Myanmar cuisine with us to discover the delicious dishes of it

  1. Tea leaf salad (lephet / laphet)

The fermented tea leaves can be eaten as desserts, or can also be processed for tea leaves salad dish. Sour and slightly bitter tea leaves are mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, roasted beans, peppers, and garlic. This dish is eaten separately or eaten with rice is also delicious.

  1. Shan rice (nga htamin)

Russian Hatamin means fish rice, these Shan ethnic dishes include rice cooked with turmeric, then compressed flat, sprinkle fish gloss and garlic oil on top. This dish is eaten with leek root, raw garlic, and crispy fried pork, all of these things create the pungent characteristic taste of Myanmar.

  1. Burmese curry

Myanmar curries appeal to new travelers with a variety of sauces

For this, Myanmar tourists can choose curries made from beef, fish, shrimp, pork or lamb. Along with curries are countless dishes served with the curry including rice, salad, fried vegetables, soups, raw vegetables and boiled vegetables. The curry is also served with a variety of different sauces.

  1. The dish at Myanmar Tea House

The food at the Myanmar Tea House is a meeting point for discovering the ethnic cuisine of visitors

The Tea Garden of Myanmar is not only a place to drink tea but also a place to discover the cuisine of the nation in this country. The tea house of the Myanmar ethnic groups has rice noodles or rice, including htamin thoke, a rice salad dish. Meanwhile, Indians / Muslims serve South Asian influent dishes like samosas and poori crisps (crispy fried bread with potato curry) or nanbya (naan bread). The most prominent Chinese restaurants are the sweet barbecue or the dim sum or dumpling, often seen in the style of eating dim sum.

  1. Myanmar sweet snack

Sweet snacks are commonly referred to as “moun” for tourists

Unlike Western delicacies, Myanmar delicacies, collectively called “moun”, are very popular with Myanmar tourists and are eaten as snacks, not as desserts. Moun is sweet due to its natural ingredients such as coconut milk, coconut, rice flour, glutinous rice, and fruit. Some of the typical moun is has nwin ma kin (coconut milk cake, butter, and raisin), bein moun and moun pyit thalet (Myanmar pancake).

  1. Fried foods

Crispy fried foods can be found everywhere in the streets of Myanmar. The typical dish is buthi kyaw (crispy fried dough) with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and bean flour.

  1. Shan tofu noodle

One of the most unique dishes in Myanmar is hto-hpu nwe, meaning “warm tofu”. The name is so but this dish does not have tofu but only porridge made from chicken chickpeas.

  1. Nangyi Thoke dried noodles

Nangyi Thoke consists of thick round noodles with chicken, grilled chopped fish slices, boiled bean sprouts and a few slices of boiled eggs. All of the ingredients are marinated with grilled chicken broth, turmeric, and chili oil, mixed well and eaten with vegetables and broth.

  1. Mohinga

The national essence of Myanmar is mohinga – round rice noodles served with fish and onion soup, sometimes with a crisp bowel of banana. You can also add boiled eggs, crispy akyaw vegetables, crispy lentils, lemon juice and dried chilies.

  1. Shan noodles

Shan noodles are made from rice, with flat and thin noodle, are dipped in pepper soup, served with chicken or pork. This dish also has a dry noodles version.



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